7 Apr



A story headline or title, which usually appears above the story, is one of the most important elements on a page. It is the first and sometimes only information about the story that readers absorb, when they open their newspaper.

Most people read the headlines on a page but subsequently read only the stories that capture their interest. Sometimes headlines indicate a topic that particularly interests the reader, who reads the story.

Readers might be drawn into articles that do not particularly interest them if the headline is interesting enough to picue their curiosity. The headline writer’s job is to describe in a few words the long and sometimes complicated story in a way that will compel people to read the story.

The headline is an integral element of the newspaper page. It directs the reader to the significant aspect of a story Designed to complement each other in size and styling, headlines give definition to landscape of the newspaper page.

The headline is the vital link between a prospective reader and the news story. Therefore, headlines should accurately convey the story’s essence- the who, what and why- while at the same time fitting into the column or columns of space available.

To be continued…


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